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Croatia– Istria

Croatia - Istria

Istria is a region located partly in Croatia and partly in Slovenia, with a long coast on the Adriatic Sea. Istria's economy is mainly based on tourism and agriculture.

Tourism is the main source of income for Istria, with a wide range of tourist accommodation, including hotels, apartments, campsites and villas. The region offers a wide choice of tourist attractions, such as the historic cities of Pula and Rovinj, the Brijuni National Park, the Punta Križ beach and numerous caves, nature parks and reserves.

Agriculture is another important source of income for Istria, with products such as olive oil, wine, truffles and fruit. The region is famous for the quality of its agricultural products, thanks to its fertile lands and its geographical position. Furthermore, Istria is known for fishing, with a wide choice of fresh fish and seafood available in its local markets.

In addition to tourism and agriculture, Istria also has a small manufacturing industry, with production ranging from clothing to electronics, including the production of machinery and household products. The region is also famous for craftsmanship, particularly the production of ceramics, textiles, glass and wooden objects.

Despite these economic activities, Istria remains one of the poorest regions in Slovenia and Croatia. However, there are signs of improvement and economic growth, thanks to the efforts of local authorities and the opportunities offered by tourism and international trade. Furthermore, the region also benefits from its strategic location on the trade route between Europe and Asia, which could provide future opportunities for its economy.

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